Latest Changelog Updates (Click here to see full changelog)
02 June 2020 01:23 Added the first guild-hall "Black-Rose". Added Tibia Coins, now works to purshase Premium Scroll.
30 May 2020 22:58 Spawn Is now a beautiful Castle, Updated shops. Now able to tame Draptor & Midnight thru Castle.
30 May 2020 17:10 The first ever relase changelog, and you found out it's just for testing them..

Brawlers Approaching

The official news spoiler is here, 30th of May 2020.

The server Is Ineed of some Beta-Testers. Contact at; Discord: Joriku#2078
This ot has a taste of PvP, Remember the oldschool 8.6 War OTS?
Yes? Than this ot Is something for you, a PvP ot with "Custom" taste of it.

Information for BETA-Testers:
You'll be rewarded with an Special Item rewarded for Beta-Testers as A Thank You for your support. This comes In with a great Outfit aswell. (Custom Made)